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Cook Team - 5am-9am

This team will help with prep work to make the Jambalaya. John Hair will be your point of contact and give more details when you get there. 

Assembly Team - 9am-11am 

You will be assembling silverware to go with the meals, and then when the Jambalaya is ready, we will have an assembly line. From scooping the jambalaya all the way to bagging the meals up for all the different areas of distribution.

Distribution Team - 10am-12pm

Meals will be ready for pickup when you arrive. You will receive your location details as well as any other individuals that will be joining you to distribute. Be prepared to drive or carpool with your other team members.

Clean Up Team - 12pm-1pm

We will want to make sure that we assist in helping Our Daily Bread with the necessary clean up from the event. In years past, the assembly has sometimes just stayed for clean up, and the more hands the better!

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